Risk Control Management Software

For community banks, managing the significant number of processes and controls on a consistent basis can be a challenge for any organization. A change in key personnel can further complicate the management of such required work, and impede an organization’s success.

RiskTrak Demo Image 1A consolidated RiskTrak dashboard to view delinquent items
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RiskTrak is acxell'sdynamic and versatile web-based application specifically designed for community banks to manage, control and monitor the progress of key controls and processes within the institution. It is a flexible, easy-to-use tool that can be used in a variety of ways to track issues of pertinence, manage them through resolution and create on-demand reports. RiskTrak can also be used to manage projects such as branch construction.

The application provides users and managers (whether they be senior management or the Board of Directors) with the ability to ensure that all key processes are progressing as designed on an enterprise-wide basis. Whether you choose to focus on regulatory examinations, Board approval of policies and procedures, loan tickler items, timely completion of relevant financial reconciliations, or any personalized processes of your choosing, RiskTrak serves as the one-stop tool to effectively manage the issues that matter to you.

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RiskTrak’s streamlined and intuitive dashboard provides executive management with a quick glimpse of the status of all relevant processes. It allows personnel to manage priorities and helps to reduce the likelihood that the completion of a key recurring process will be overlooked.

Manage your Risk

  • Monitor status of key processes and controls established to mitigate enterprise-wide risk
  • Monitor the progression of assigned tasks of a complex project
  • Internet based to allow ease of aggregation and reporting, and sharing of attached documents in a secure web environment
  • Responsibility is held by the individual to whom the process or action is assigned (i.e., It introduces ownership for resolving matters and raises the profile of such issues)
  • Run reports on a whole range of combinations
  • On-demand report printing and advanced sorting filters customizes the report you need, when you need it
  • Customized alerts provide management with controls and processes to ensure enterprise-wide awareness of the required work to minimize the likelihood of complacency
  • Serves as an excellent tool to manage special projects and assigns responsibility to selected individuals within the organization
  • Progress is updated online - ensuring real time information and alerts on any delinquent or upcoming issues/processes/meetings/etc. that need immediate attention
  • Provides a dynamic risk score mechanism to assess overall adequacy of the management of key controls and processes on an institution-wide or activity type basis

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