Internal Audit Expertise

acxell offers a vast array of services structured to provide outsourced internal audits that cover the full range of risks facing the banking industry today. To assist you in managing these risks, we have developed practical, risk-focused programs targeting your individual internal audit needs.

We employ the use of “subject matter experts” – designated individuals performing in their specific field of expertise – to provide you with a wide range of skills and industry experience for a customized audit approach.

Our proprietary risk-based assessment audit model, customized audit approach and experienced staff work in synergy to design an effective and customized audit program to suit your needs.

Turn-key Solutions

acxell has developed a unique turn-key, outsourced internal audit process that is inclusive of its proprietary:

Internal Audit
  • Audit sample selection methodology
  • Audit Programs for various areas
  • Audit reporting and rating methodology
  • Audit risk assessment methodology
  • Audit engagement process
  • IssueTracker – interactive monitoring and tracking tool for audit issues, resolutions and on-demand reports
  • acxell Online – interactive web portal to provide you with an interactive and innovative method of managing the status of an audit plan

Full Range of Services

As acxell is structured to provide outsourced internal audit services exclusively to the banking industry, we are able to dedicate our resources to constantly evolve our audit process to keep up with the risks facing your institution today … and tomorrow. Our cutting-edge methodology and dedicated audit staff enable us to provide a full range of audit activities applicable to all facets of your business, including:

  • Lending Operations
  • Deposit Operations
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Reporting
  • Branch Operations
  • Trust Activities and more!

Outsourced Audit Solutions

acxell understands that outsourcing your internal audit needs is a difficult step for many institutions. Our service offers flexibility and control to ensure compatibility with your goals, professionals that will assist in strengthening your systems, and the same commitment accorded to the most important of clients.

  • Subject Matter Experts assigned to every audit
  • Cost Effective turn-key outsourced internal audit process
  • Technological Solutions for audit management through IssueTracker and acxell Online
  • Full Range of Services offered

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